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Registration Notes - ABC 2019

Cost: The resident fee for the "Regular Camp" (the weekend after Labor Day, from Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon) is $724 per person; that includes tuition, room, & board. The abbreviated "weekend-only" fee (for Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon) is $554 per person.

The commuter fee for the Regular Camp is $640 per person; that includes tuition & board. The commuter "weekend-only" fee is $496 per person.

A spouse, parent, or significant other who does not want to take any classes can accompany a student attendee at a reduced "Spouse Rate." The resident Spouse Rate for the Regular Camp is $362 (half-price) and entitles the "spouse" to meals, lodging, and evening activities (in other words, everything but the classes). The commuter Spouse Rate for the Regular Camp is $320 (again, half-price). The resident Spouse Rate for the "weekend-only" is $277. The commuter Spouse Rate for the "weekend-only" is $248. The "spouse" should fill in a separate registration form (see "Couples & Groups" below).

ABC Cost SummaryStudentSpouse
Resident Full Camp $724$362
Commuter Full Camp $640$320
Resident Weekend Only $554$277
Commuter Weekend Only $496$248
Note: PayPal or credit card payments add a small service charge

Deposit: Anyone registering before July 1, 2019 can send a deposit of $100 to hold a space until July 1, at which time the balance must be paid. All registration requests must be accompanied by at least a $100 deposit before July 1, and by full payment thereafter.

Payment: Please make checks or money orders payable to "American Banjo Camp." All dollar amounts are in U.S. dollars. We cannot take payments in any foreign currency via check. Foreign bank checks in US dollars are acceptable if made out to: "Ken Perlman for American Banjo Camp".

Cancellations: If you cancel for any reason before Aug 1, 2019 your entire payment will be refunded, although we ask that you consider donating the deposit amount ($100) to the scholarship fund. If you cancel between Aug 1 and the beginning of camp all but a $100 deposit will be refunded. If you cancel (or just don't show up) after the start of camp your entire payment will be forfeited.

Waiting List: Registration is first-come, first-served. If camp is already full when we receive your registration we will put you on the waiting list and inform you. You can ask to be taken off the waiting list and your full deposit will be returned to you.

Lodging: There are about a dozen cabins with four-person bedrooms and a few two-person lodge rooms on site, along with two tent-camping areas and a parking lot for RVs (no hookups). These facilities are first-come first-served, so register early if you want to stay on-site. If you wish you can stay off-site at a slightly reduced rate (see the "commuter" option). There are a number of motels in the area; we have arrangeda discounted rate from the nearest one.

Date: The Date field on the form is for the current date (Month / Day / Year). Sometimes Peter is out of town when your registration form arrives and a lot of them may pile up before he gets a chance to read them; it really helps us to know when you originally filled out the form.

Birthdate: ABC is a camp for adults. We know that some adults are quite young chronologically — if you're under 21 we need to know for legal reasons; please specify your birthdate.

Students Under 18: Minor students may attend ABC if accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult guardian. Parents must sign a permissions form that allows their child to attend (contact us and ask for a Youth Permissions Form). A non-parent may act as guardian, but must have a signed permission to do so from a parent (and they must sign a form acknowledging this responsibility). Parents or guardians may register for camp, but if they do not wish to fully participate in Camp they may register at the non-playing "spouse" rate.

If you are worried about telling us your age, please bear in mind that we won't share that information with anyone else other than emergency medical personnel should they be needed (age is always their first question). We ask both because it may be needed in an emergency and because it helps us make better decisions about lodging, class locations, ability to climb stairs, etc.

T-shirt Size: We make a group order for ABC commemorative T-shirts. If you'd like one, enter your size in the appropriate blank on the registration form. Unless you specify otherwise we'll assume that men want men's sizes and women want women's ("ladies") sizes. You can oder several if you'd like, just make sure the sizes and quantities are clear (remember, we're banjo players, too), e.g. 2-WS & 1-XXL (for two women's Small T-shirts and one men's 2XL T-shirt). The prices are specified on the registration form; note that sizes larger than XL are slightly more expensive. If you don't want a T-shirt, please enter "No" or "none" or "---" in the T-shirt blanks so we'll know you saw it.

Billing Name and Address: If you're paying by credit card, don't forget to include the credit card holder's name and billing address, either in the NAME and ADDRESS fields at the top of the form, or, if your name or billing address is different from those, in the "Billing name or addr" field under the "Credit card number:" line.

Couples & Groups: To register more than one person please use more than one registration form! One form per person works the best; we need to know things like age, food allergies, emergency contacts, etc. for all attendees, including spouses. Spouses can ignore the FOCUS, SKILL, and INTERESTS sections on the form.

Registration Questions: Many of the questions on the registration form (skill level, jam preferences, interest areas, even accommodation preference) are there to help us in planning; you are not "locked in" to whatever you answer. In particular, you will choose which classes to attend at class time, and you can always change your mind.

Gift Registrations: If you want to give a session of camp as a gift for Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, a special birthday, Father's Day, Mother's Day, or even April Fool's Day, and you'd like to surprise the recipient, you can send us the payment with a minimally filled-out registration form showing the recipient's name and address as well as your email address and phone number, and a note saying it's to be a surprise. We'll reserve a place at camp and keep the secret until the time you've specified, at which point we'll collect the other registration information.

Registering by Postal Mail: Mail the completed form & payment to:

American Banjo Camp
9228 1st Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98117-2003

Registering by Electronic Mail: To register by email using a credit card:
 1. Use cut-and-paste to copy the registration form into your text editor (e.g. MS Word, vi, notepad, ConTEXT, teco, TextEdit, Emacs, etc.); and edit your answers into the form. Answer everything EXCEPT when you get to the question about your credit card number only include the first 4 digits of the card number; go ahead and include the expiration date, but not the rest of the number.
 2. E-mail the edited registration form to <> with a Subject of "American Banjo Camp". Don't forget the Subject: line, or else we may accidentally delete your email as spam! (But see the "IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SPAM" below.)
 3. Send a separate email message to the same address with the same Subject, containing just the last 12 digits of your credit card number in the body of the message with no other explanation (we'll figure it out and you already sent the first four digits and the expiration date in step 1).

If you're using a "whitelist," or a list of approved senders, or pretty much any "spam-blocking" technique to avoid unwanted email, be sure to add these three addresses to your list of approved senders:
Otherwise you won't be able to receive your registration acknowledgement, directions to camp, status updates, or answers to your questions by email.

Email Problems: If your email to us bounces for any reason, or if you don't get a reply within a week (make that two weeks in late July or August), please send a copy of the bounced email (complete with all the headers, if possible) to us at <> and make sure the Subject: is "American Banjo Camp" (to avoid spam filters). You can also send the registration info there if you're having trouble getting through to the regular email address.

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