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Work/Trades & Scholarships

ABC has a work/trade program that allows a small number of students to trade work for a discount in the student registration fee. In 2015 eight people had work/trade discounts and seemed to have a blast while providing invaluable labor.

ABC has a small scholarship fund supported by contributions from attendees. In 2015, two people who would not have been able to attend camp otherwise got scholarships and had a wonderful time at camp. It is our hope that financial problems will not stand in the way of coming to camp.

Work/Trade Requirements & Amounts

The work/trade discounts are given out on a first-come first-served basis, so applying early is a good idea. The jobs are mostly helping set-up and take-down, running errands, and a few other random tasks. We try to arrange them to minimize conflicts with concert or class times, but applicants need to be able and willing to do the work, some of it on Sunday afternoon right after camp.

The work/trade discount is either $100 for up to 5 hours of work, or $200 for up to 10 hours of work.

Scholarship Requirements & Amounts

Our only real scholarship requirement is that an applicant be unable to attend camp without the scholarship, which of course means that in the event we're unable to provide a scholarship the applicant's registration form and any payment is returned.

Scholarships can be awarded for up to one-half the amount due (after any work/trade discount has been applied).

How to Apply for Either or Both

To apply for a work/trade position you need to fill out a registration form and select a Work/Trade amount in the SCHOLARSHIPS & WORK/TRADE section. Send the registration in either through PayPal or postal mail along with the full amount or a deposit. In the unlikely event that all the work/trade positions are already filled, we can either use your payment as a deposit or return it, whichever you'd prefer.

To apply for a scholarship, you need to send email to info@AmericanBanjoCamp.com describing your situation and the amount of scholarship you are asking for. We will let you know if we can grant your scholarship and how to register.

To apply for both a work/trade position and a scholarship, you should first apply for the scholarship.

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