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ABC 2023 Registration

Use this form to enter all the choices for one student or one spouse, and then on the next page you can either pay with PayPal/credit or print out the form and send it with a check or money order.
Please read our covid-19 policy before registering.
NOTE: All fields that have an asterisk (*) are required.

Attendee information (*)
Please include payer information at the end of this page if different from attendee information.

Male   Female   Other (or prefer not to say)


FOCUS - Classes you would like to attend (check all that apply):

Mostly   Half the time   1 or 2 classes  
Mostly   Half the time   1 or 2 classes  
Mostly   Half the time   1 or 2 classes  
Mostly   Half the time   1 or 2 classes  
Mostly   Half the time   1 or 2 classes  
-------   --------------   1 or 2 classes   Note there are only 2 bass classes this year.


CURRENT LEVEL - Check whatever comes closest:

RANK BEGINNER (I just got my instrument.)
BEGINNER (up to 6 months of playing)
LOW INTERMEDIATE (6-24 months; I still need a lot of technical help.)
HIGH INTERMEDIATE (two or more years; I play well at a basic level.)
ADVANCED (many years; I can play up to speed.)
PROFESSIONAL (I play in working bands.)


JAM PREFERENCES - check all that apply:

I've never (or hardly ever) jammed before; get me started!
I've jammed some, but I need slow tempos & straight tunes.
I'd enjoy a class on jam etiquette (not that I need it!)
I'd enjoy a moderate jam (familiar tunes, medium tempos).
I'd enjoy an up-to-speed jam (standard tunes, any speed).
I'd enjoy watching a wild, no-holds-barred, experts' jam.


INTERESTS - check all that apply:

Basic   Straight Scruggs   Chromatic   Melodic  
Basic   Round Peak   Melodic   Song Accomp  
OT Fingerpicking   Roots Artist Styles   Repertoire  
Fiddle   Guitar   Mandolin   Bass   Jamming  



This is my first time at ABC   I've been to ABC before  


ROLE AT CAMP - (prices are shown here)



T-shirts must be ordered before August 22 (2023) to allow enough time to produce them for camp.



To apply for a scholarship send email to: info@AmericanBanjoCamp.com

(Help a low-income scholarship student attend ABC)


Men-only   Women-only   Co-ed Okay   Tent/RV   Commuter  



the TOTAL now   $100 DEPOSIT now and the balance by July 1  




Include payer name, address, email, and phone here, if different from attendee.


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