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The 2021 Bluegrass and Old-Time Banjo online event was held on September 11th and 12th and featured these teachers:
• Alan Munde – Bluegrass Banjo
• Lukas Pool – Old-Time Banjo
• Casey Henry – Bluegrass Banjo
• Ken Perlman – Old-Time Banjo
• Jeff Scroggins – Bluegrass Banjo
• Molly Tenenbaum – Old-Time Banjo
• Greg Cahill – Bluegrass Banjo
• Stephen Wade – Old-Time Banjo
Each teacher taught on both days. A different workshop each day.

If you missed the Online Camp (or any of the monthly workshops) you can still get access to the video recordings; see below under "Past Workshops."

ABC Online Concerts

Like so many events, ABC had to cancel our 2020 camp due to the danger posed by the Covid 19 pandemic. To mark the occasion that ABC would have taken place in 2020 we sponsored an online concert featuring our proopsed faculty via "Zoom" on Sunday evening, Sept. 13.


ABC Online Workshops

ABC sponsors a series of workshops in topics relating to bluegrass banjo, old-time banjo and potentially other instruments featured at ABC, (e.g. bass, guitar, fiddle, mandolin). Workshops are one hour and fifteen minutes in length, and are broadcast over Zoom. There are opportunities to ask questions and – to some extent - for instructors to monitor student progress individually. You can sign up for one or two workshops or sign up for a whole day of workshops.

We are holding workshops on the second Saturday of most months and alternating between Bluegrass Banjo and Old-Time Banjo.

Past Workshops

We have video recordings and handouts from most of our past workshops. If you missed the workshops when they were first presented you can still see and hear them as well as read any handouts. Each workshop is approximately 75 minutes long. The cost is $20 per workshop.

To arrange for the video and any handouts from one or many past workshops, go to our miscellaneous payments page, fill in your Name, Email, and the total Amount for your chosen workshop or workshops ($20 each). Then in the Comments field list the teacher(s) and mm/dd/yy date(s) for the workshop(s) you want. When we get that payment we will email you the handouts and link(s) to the workshop(s) you chose. For further information about availability send email to: info@americanbanjocamp.com
NOTE: On occasion our email responses are misidentified as spam. Please make sure email from psl@acm.org, peterslangston@gmail.com, and peterslangston@comcast.net can get through to you.

Past ABC Online Bluegrass Banjo Workshops
12/12/20Greg CahillPlaying in the Keys of C, D, and F
in G Tuning, without a Capo
12/12/20Gina FurtadoThe Art of Tasteful Backup
12/12/20Alan MundeUpgrade Your Lick Vocabulary.
Learn a Load of Licks in G, C, and D
12/12/20Jeff ScrogginsIntros & endings - Learn the Common Ones & How to Create Your Own
2/13/21Kristin Scott BensonThe Nuts and Bolts of Rolling Backup: How to Create Your Own Functional & Interesting Backup.
2/13/21Mike StahlmanEssential Scruggs Techniques for Right and Left Hands
2/13/21Alison BrownThe Art of Chord Melody Playing on 5-String
2/13/21Mike MunfordBlending Scruggs & Melodic Styles
5/8/21Tom AdamsPlaying Breaks, Backups, and Endings on Vocal Numbers in the D Chord Position
5/8/21Frank EvansPicking Up the Speed
5/8/21James McKinneyThe Art of Single-String Playng in Bluegrass
5/8/21Kristin Scott BensonUp the Neck Backup: Concepts and Techniques
9/11/21Alan MundeA Non-Theory View of Music Theory
9/11/21Casey HenryEverything You Wanted to Know About Minor Chords
9/11/21Jeff ScrogginsUp-tempo Bluegrass Waltzes
9/11/21Greg CahillHow to Transpose Any Solo from G to C and D
9/12/21Alan MundeBluegrass Banjo Workout
9/12/21Casey HenryLearn "Little Maggie" in G
9/12/21Jeff ScrogginsMusical Voicings and How to Use Them
9/12/21Greg CahillTips That Make Learning Songs and Tunes Easier

Past ABC Online Old-Time Banjo Workshops
1/9/21Lukas PoolPlaying Melodies Up the Neck
in Double C Tuning
1/9/21Stephen WadeBanjo Portraits
1/9/21Ken PerlmanA Crooked Tunes Survival Kit
1/9/21Molly TenenbaumBanjoing a Fiddle Tune—Clawhammer
4/10/21Riley BaugusExploring Open D, or "Reuben" Tuning (f#DF#AD)
4/10/21Paul BrownSoul of the Banjo: the Core Characteristics and How to Bring Them Out
4/10/21Ken PerlmanBeyond the Galax Lick: the Arpeggio Technique in Clawhammer
4/10/21Allison de GrootUsing Chord Shapes as a Road Map for Melody Around the Neck
9/11/21Lukas PoolLearn Two Tunes from the Great Roots Fiddler Marcus Martin
9/11/21Ken PerlmanKeith Picking, Clawhammer Style
9/11/21Molly TenenbaumWhat’s the Deal with C Tunes?
9/11/21Stephen WadeExploring the Musical Styles of Hobart Smith
9/12/21Lukas PoolSecrets of Old-Time Banjo Set-Up
9/12/21Ken PerlmanWade Ward’s Clawhammer Style
9/12/21Molly TenenbaumFour Ways to Play in the Key of F and Why
9/12/21Stephen WadeA Cornucopia of Tunings

Please feel free to ask any questions about these new programs. We're finding ways to share and teach traditional music despite the limitations of the coronavirus pandemic. Email is welcome 24 hours a day (and may be answered at the strangest hours!) and phone questions are welcome in the afternoons and evenings. See the Contact Us page.

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