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American Banjo Camp

ABC History

The American Banjo Camp has been presenting a yearly bluegrass and old-time 5-string banjo workshop since 2003. Over the years the curriculum has expanded to also include guitar, fiddle, bass, and jamming, with a smattering of ukulele, mandolin, and other classes along the way.

ABC Group Picture at Ft. Flagler in 2003, our first year
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ABC prides itelf on the teaching abilities of its faculty. Each year brings some new teachers and many old ones, but all chosen for their teaching skills and ability to inspire the students. Here is a listing of the teachers from the first dozen years of ABC.

Bluegrass Old-Time
Alan Munde
Molly Tuttle
Adam Hurt
Jere Canote
Alan O'Bryant
Murphy Henry
Alan Jabbour
Ken Perlman
Bill Evans
Ned Luberecki
Bob Carlin
Laura Boosinger
Bill Keith
Orville Johnson
Brad Leftwich
Laura Smith
Chris Luquette
Pat Cloud
Bruce Molsky
Mac Benford
Danny Barnes
Patrick Sauber
Cathy Barton Para
Michael Miles
David Keenan
Paul Elliott
Cathy Fink
Mike Seeger
Eddie Adcock
Pete Wernick
Clarke Buehling
Molly Tenenbaum
Gerald Jones
Peter Langston
Dan Gellert
Paul Brown
James McKinney
Peter Schwimmer
David Cahn
Reed Martin
Janet Beazley
Ryan Cavanaugh
Debby McClatchy
Riley Baugus
Janet Davis
Tom Adams
Greg Canote
Tom Sauber
Mick Nicholson
Vivian Williams
Howie Bursen
Mike Stahlman
Jason Romero


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