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American Banjo Camp

Directors & Onsite Coordinator


Ken PerlmanDirector Ken Perlman has served as music director for several banjo-teaching camps and festivals, including the Maryland Banjo Academy, Banjo Camp North, the Bath Banjo Festival, Midwest Banjo Camp, and Suwannee Banjo Camp. He is also on the old-time faculty for the American Banjo Camp, specializing in melodic clawhammer banjo.

Peter LangstonDirector Peter Langston directs the California Bluegrass Association's Summer Music Camp as well as the American Banjo Camp. He won an award for his work running the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop. Peter grew up during the urban "folk scare" of the 50s and 60s and has played bluegrass and old-time music on a range of instruments for more than 50 years.

Linda LeavittOnsite Coordinator Linda Leavitt is a musician, writer, educator, and event producer with a passion for bluegrass music. For nearly a decade, Linda co-coordinated Taborgrass, an adult bluegrass education program in Portland, Oregon. Linda teaches bluegrass singing and how-to-jam workshops at festivals, camps and at Nechville Banjos West in Sisters. Linda serves on the board of the Oregon Bluegrass Association and is the editor of the association’s quarterly journal, The Oregon Bluegrass Express.

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