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American Banjo Camp

What to Bring!

There are only so many hours in the day and at American Banjo Camp there are plenty of activities to fill those hours and more! So you're not likely to need to bring files from your job to work on, or that copy of War and Peace that you were hoping to get around to reading. There are, however, some things that are really worth bringing. We hope these lists will help you figure out what those things are!

Please label everything! When we find your tuner while cleaning up after camp, we'd really like to know that it's yours...

Essential Items

+ Toiletries, personal items (medicine, etc.)
+ Clothes for warm, cold, or rainy weather. Fall weather is quite variable in Washington.
+ Flashlight
+ Banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, bass,... whatever instruments you might play
+ Capo, picks, instrument strap, bow, rosin, spare strings... whatever your instrument needs
+ A rested body ready for a lot of learning and late night jamming

Recommended Items:

+ Gig bag with backpack straps for hauling that multi-pound instrument around
+ Digital recorder, analog recorder, smart phone, or iPod-equivalent
+ Paper, pencil
+ Money for all those CD's you'll want to buy after hearing the staff members play (cash or check)
+ Ear plugs for sleeping
+ Water bottle
+ Unique marking on your instrument case(s).
(Stickers, a ribbon, or a piece of duct tape can make your case easy to spot among others.)

Optional Items:

+ Camera (we'd love to see your photos!)
+ Music books
+ Camp stool or light-weight armless chair to drag around for outside jams
+ A large cup or mug for coffee, tea, or water
+ Your favorite munchies for late-night and between-meals snacking
+ Cell phone (it's marginal, but sometimes Singular or Verizon will work)

Leave Home:

+ Pets. The camp facility has a No Pets policy.
+ Electric instruments and amps. Banjos are loud enough!
+ Bedding - We provide a pillow, sheets, and blankets.
+ Towel - We also provide a towel.
+ Credit cards - We won't have credit card facilities at camp.
+ Inhibitions, fears that you'll play a wrong note, self-doubts

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