NAME:                               TODAY'S DATE (m/d/y):__/__/__
 STREET ADDRESS:                                  PHONE:            
 CITY,STATE,ZIP:                                  CELL:
 EMAIL:                                           Birthdate:__/__/__
 ABC T-SHIRT (optional, but not available after 8/15) SIZE: ________
 $19 for S-XL, $21 for 2XL, $23 for 3XL, $26 for 4XL, long-sleeve +$4.            .

 FOCUS: I'd like to attend classes in (check all that apply):
 Bluegrass banjo: a___Mostly  e___Half the time  i___1 or 2 classes
  Old-Time banjo: b___Mostly  f___Half the time  j___1 or 2 classes
          Fiddle: c___Mostly  g___Half the time  k___1 or 2 classes
          Guitar: m___Mostly  n___Half the time  o___1 or 2 classes
            Bass:                                p___1 or 2 classes
 SKILL LEVEL, check whatever comes closest:
 a ___ RANK BEGINNER (I just got my instrument.)
 b ___ BEGINNER (up to 6 months of playing.)
 c ___ LOW INT. (6-24 months; I still need a lot of technical help)
 d ___ HIGH INT. (two or more years; I play well at a basic level)
 e ___ ADV (many years; I can play up to speed.)
 f ___ PRO (I play in working bands.)
 JAM PREFERENCES, check all that apply:
 a ___ I've never (or hardly ever) jammed before; get me started!
 b ___ I've jammed some, but I need slow tempos & straight tunes.
 c ___ I'd enjoy a class on jam etiquette (not that I need it!)
 d ___ I'd enjoy a moderate jam (familiar tunes, medium tempos).
 e ___ I'd enjoy an up-to-speed jam (standard tunes, any speed).
 g ___ I'd enjoy watching a wild, no-holds-barred, experts' jam.
 INTERESTS, check all that apply:
 BG Banjo: a__Basic   b__Straight Scruggs  c__Chromatic  d__Melodic
 OT Banjo: e__Basic   f__Round Peak   g__Melodic   i__Song Accomp.
 j__Old-Time Fingerpicking   k__Roots Artist Styles   l__Repertoire
 h__Fiddle  n__Guitar  o__Bass  p__Jamming  m__Other_______________

 If you're new, how did you hear about American Banjo Camp?

 P Resident Regular Camp (Thu-Sun):  $690___student   $345___spouse
 I Commuter Regular Camp (Thu-Sun):  $610___student   $305___spouse
 C Resident Weekend-Only (Fri-Sun):  $528___student   $264___spouse
 K Commuter Weekend-Only (Fri-Sun):  $472___student   $236___spouse

 Enter any work/trade or other payment info here___________________
 I'm paying by:  ___Check/Money Order    ___Visa    ___Mastercard
  Credit card number:                        Exp:     /
  Billing name or addr (if different on card):
 $_________ + $_______ + $___________  =  $__________ (total cost)
 *Contributions to the ABC Scholarship Fund are most appreciated.
  __I'm paying a $100 deposit (full payment required after July 1)

 LODGING   men:  __Men-only     __Co-ed okay   __Tent/RV  __Commuter
 (pick)  women:  __Women-only   __Co-ed okay   __Tent/RV  __Commuter

 EMERGENCY CONTACT (name, relationship, phone)?
 Dietary, physical, or other issues we should know about?

Mail to:   ABC 2017   ·   9228 1st Ave NW   ·   Seattle, WA 98117-2003

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